Earth First Native Plant Nursery and Gifts, LLC

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Specializing in Nursery Propagated Native Plants of the Mid-Atlantic Region

Your Source for Natural Gardening 

Mission Statement

At Earth First Native Plant Nursery and Gifts, our mission is to combat habitat degradation and protect wildlife by heightening awareness and promoting the use of native plants in the home garden. By offering hard to find native plants at reasonable prices, we aim to:

      Replace native plants lost to sprawl and development

      Reduce the incentive to harvest wild plants leading to their decline.

      Provide food/shelter for local wildlife populations

Our Philosophy

Our name demonstrates our philosophy of taking care of our planet. The impact our business has on the planet is considered first and all efforts are taken to minimize our ecological footprint. For this reason:

      We only sell plants native to the mid-Atlantic and Eastern seaboard.

      All plants are nursery propagated, (never wild dug).

      Petroleum-based fertilizers and chemical pesticides are never used on our premises.

      We use recycled materials whenever possible

      Our Products

      All of our plants are perennial, meaning they come back year after year. All herbaceous plants come in 3 inch containers. Woody plants come in quart size containers. Most of our plants are produced from seed of local plants. This helps maintain maximum genetic diversity. They are container grown in a medium of sand and peat with a small amount of organic fertilizer added.

      Consumer Education

      We are committed to educating the public about the benefits of using native species in wildlife gardens, to preserve water resources and to replace invasive species. See our guides on the Native Plant Garden page on Wildlife Gardening, Xeriscaping and Invasive Species, Bog Gardens and more in Native Plant Info, for more information. The guides will list the common plant names only, however you may reference the botanical name in our plant descriptions.

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    A note from Raven.....

    I now have a blog that I will use to post my field trip discoveries, research on plants, and anything else I think may be of interest to native plant enthusiasts. Please understand I cannot reveal the locations of rare and endangered plants. The link to my blog is
































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